3rd Squad F Company

Barbaroth the Slayer

Personal Log: Guardsman Ilyana Raidonovich

I know very little about the ruinous powers of chaos, and It would be best for it to stay that way. All I need to know, is where they are, and how many bolt rounds before it is dead.

Imagine my satisfaction when we were shipped off to Redacted and ordered to raze a chaos encampment and slay something known as a “berserker of Khorne.” As I said, I don’t want to understand any more about the abominations of the warp than is required to kill them, but I do know that a creature even larger than myself, clad in power armor and wielding two enormous chain axes is not something I want to get close to. Given my encounter with the ork Nob back in the church, I should have seen the problem coming a klom away.

I do not know what it is about giant, heavily armored abominations with horrifying weapons that makes my fellow guardsmen decide that engaging them in melee is wise. Especially considering how they are willingly putting themselves between my bolter and its target. This actually became a problem when this Ogryn that had been following us since we landed stepped in the way and took several of my rounds in the back.

And far be it from me to question the actions of a priest of the ministorum, but the one currently attached to our company did the same thing, and lost an arm for his trouble (though our medic was able to reattach it after the battle).

I was eventually able to end the berserker’s reign of terror with my man-portable lascannon, and was only lightly wounded when a cultist came at me with his tiny baby sword. He did not live long enough to try again.

- End Log -

Current kill count: 87 Orks, 1 Ork Fighta-Bomma, 1 Ork Warbuggy, 2 Chaos Cultists, 1 Berserker of Khorne



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