3rd Squad F Company

Perfidy in the Ranks

Personal Log: Guardsman Ilyana Raidonovich

It looks as though we were right about Colonel Geyles. It was his incompetence that left us stranded planetside with no support from the Imperial Navy. Truthfully, it was not entirely his fault. He was lead astray by a chaos cultist disguised as a member of the Ecclisiarchy. I am slightly ashamed that I wasn’t able to bring this to anyone’s attention earlier. I had not recognized the priest in the Colonel’s entourage, but with the battle against the orks ahead, I had not thought anything of it at the time.

In the aftermath of the battle I was able to make my way to the makeshift chapel set up by the Sisters of Her Divine Mercy. There, I confided my suspicions in the Confessor, who immediately excused himself and rushed out of the chapel.

Myself, and my comrades from F Company rushed to the center of the camp when we heard the commotion. The Colonel seemed sure that he had found the traitor in our midst, and to his credit, I do believe that he believed it was true. It was ultimately someone from another company who executed the supposed heretic, I pray the Emperor is merciful when the unknowing murderer meets his end. Once the crowd had dispersed, we saw two sisters and a bishop storm into the Colonel’s tent. It wasn’t until we heard the gunshots that we burst in ourselves.

The Colonel lay dead on the ground, the priest who was not a priest standing over him, glowing with eldritch energies. I am not in the habit of carrying my weapons when I go to confess my sins, so my heavy bolter, Jygor, and my backup lasgun were back in our tent. I did the only thing I could do. I lept at the cultist and layed upon him a mighty blow with my fist! So great was my strength that the heretic exploded in a blast of vile energies that blew their way through the camp leaving nothing but a charred priest’s robe where the creature once stood.

The incident earned us great notoriety among the regiments, having proved ourselves on the field of combat and in stemming the influence of chaos. So great was our glory that an other Silanus regiment, the 235th asked us to accompany them to a chaos-controlled world where we would have the privilege of combating the ruinous powers directly.

Perhaps if the Colonel had been more vigilant, he could have recognized heresy in his ranks, and an innocent man would not have faced the executioner’s block. But there is no time for such thoughts. The ork’s were but wild beasts, we are on our way to face the spawn of the warp itself, and we must be prepared.
- End Log -



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