3rd Squad F Company

Descent to Koroka

Hot Landing


Warjournal of Sergeant Barad Colobert

After months of training, and a lengthy journey through the warp- we have finally arrived at the Agriworld Koroka. Aboard the [REDACTED], we met personally with Colonel Gaeyles. Just to be in the mans presence seemed to rouse the squad. I could feel it all coming together- finally being on the brink of deployment after so much training the squad was eager. F company had a certain reputation and today was the day we forge it anew.

We were tasked with setting down in a quiet region of the agriworld and tasked with the mission of securing what seemed to be abandoned ruins. F Company isn’t in the business of saying no.

I could feel the quiet hum of the Valkyrie’s engines as we descended. How I missed being in such a vehicle. The feeling of the machine, the harmony of sound from the engine and the cockpit. I could only describe it as feeling of certain tranquility. That was- until the flak started. I looked around to my squad- I knew they would be looking to me in this time.

I could see Guardsman Pritchett holding his straps tight- but for such a new recruit he seemed to hold onto his wits. Perhaps he drew strength from the inspiration of the Colonel, or maybe he drew it from strength he did not even know he possessed. Guardsment Vorgen sits beside him. The man started as an outcast- but over time he’s slowly begun to integrate. Whether or not he get along with the group is overshadowed with his skill with his Bullpup Lasgun. He’s normally quite tepid- but today I’m beginning to see something new in his eyes. It will be interesting to see how he makes out in the mission.

Sitting next to me was Mechanicus Adept Vorray Seram. I could hardly gauge a reaction from his face, being more machine than man. Yet as he prayed to the Omnissiah I could see a glimpse of humanity remain, taking solace in a prayer to a higher power.

Commissar Tavore walked down the hull using handholds hanging from the ceiling, swaying down the aisles. He issued regular reminders that this is a time for silent recitation of their devotions to the God-Emperor as we prepare to enforce his will. He took a seat closer to the pilots. The man had a great presence about him- if not inspiring almost fearful. I’m not exactly sure why we’ve been “graced” with his presence- but I can’t deny the amount of loyalty this man instills within the hivers of Silanus. Such a foreign presence in the squad helps the men of the planet band together- regardless his intention.

[Note- I can’t find the names of the other characters or their comrades so please message me so I can add them to this report]

Taking a final look around the room to my fellow comrades- I met the gaze my own Vox-Tech Piotr. He gestured as if he was holding a vox in his hand and began mouthing orders. He gave a wink before going back to his prayers. On the brink of laughing I mustered all my willpower and closed my eyes. The damn Departmento Munitorum decided that Vox would be a luxury we could live without. What use is a Vox-Tech without a Vox? At least I could take solace in the fact that we’d have an extra pair of boots on the ground.

I could feel the Valkyrie begin to bank and shutter- the sounds of the pilot and his distinctive accent was drowned by the flak pounding against the hull. I began my prayers. Time slowed, sound faded. It felt as if the Emperor himself was before me hearing my words.

Mighty Emporer, spread Your divine light to protect me from the darkness.

We are Your warriors and we are servants to Thee.
We stand free from blindness of heart,
Free from hypocrisy, vainglory and deceits,
But captive to hatred, malice, and anger
To the filth, the alien, the heretic

By Thy agony and bloody sweat; by Thy Golden Throne and Thy Death,
By Thy destruction and re-emergence as the god of Men,
Keep and strengthen us, we who fight for Thee.

I opened my eyes. Red light illuminated the interior of the shuttle now.

Koroka 1st After Action Report 3S F Company

Objective: Secure Ruins

The squad disembarked from the Valkyrie. The LZ was hot- completely different than our intel. We were met with a small squad of five “Ork Boyz”- two with crude machine guns, and two with their beastly axes and their crude pistols.

3rd Squad was ready- they were quickly dispatched under the combined firepower of our collective weapons. [NAME] proved exceedingly exceptional with his sniper rifle. After repeated salvos of lasgun, bolt pistol, shotgun, and sniper rifle fire the boys were matched in melee. Although the Xenos managed to get a shot to connect- and Commissar Tavore was heavily wounded by one of the large axes of an Ork. We were then able to turn the tide of combat against the hulking brutes with a combination of coordinated firepower and strength. Two fled from the combat as we finished off the three xenos.

Threat: Xenos
Number: 5, 3 eliminated, 2 fled
Casualties: None
Commisar Tavore (Ork Axe to the left arm, Ork Round to the Leg)



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