3rd Squad F Company

The Green Tide

Personal Log: Guardsman Ilyana Raidonovich

This is the sort of thing I was born for. Not building guns for others to use, not protecting holy relics, or stealing food from civilians, but bringing death to the enemies of Him on Earth. The God-Emperor chose me to become a weapon in his name, and I find that I am truly adept at the task to which He has appointed me.

Tonight I saw my first proper battle alongside the Silanus 665th 3rd Squad F Company, and it was glorious. Not since the events surrounding the destruction of my previous regiment have I met a true force of greenskins on the field of battle. Sending them to meet their blasphemous gods gave me no small amount of pleasure as they ran, almost willingly, into my line of fire. And near the end, seeing the Sisters of the Order Her Divine Mercy in their immolator tanks, clad in their power armour, coming to our aid when we needed it most was a truly humbling experience. And cleansing the field of battle alongside them has been the proudest moment of my life.

Pure ecstasy.

My only regret is that I was unable to protect my comrades in the field. Only two members of 3rd Squad were still on their feet by the end of the battle, Myself, and our sniper. Two others are in the triage set up by the Sisters. Our Sergent and a new medic that had just been assigned to 3rd Squad(It seems the Emperor has a sense of irony) were both caught in the blast of an ork rokkit. I do not know if they will make it through the night, but the sisters will surely do their utmost for our comrades.

We have lost one of our own tonight. To my shame, I had not even learned his name before he martyred himself protecting our injured comrades. I must make it a point to learn everyone’s names in my new company. When I’d first joined, I thought they would all die cowards deaths like my old regiment, and that it was better not to know them. I am glad to find that I’ve been proven wrong.

One of the sisters checked me over, and upon seeing that I had received no injuries in the battle, ordered me to my bunk to get some rest. But I cannot sleep. Not after tonight. The adrenaline is still coursing through me. Before I finally am able to sleep, I will need a cigar, a bottle of our fine amasec, and a few good men.

- End Log -

Current Kill Count: 87 Orks, 1 Ork Fighta-Bomma, 1 Ork Warbuggy



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