Ilya Raidonovich


Born in the lowest levels of the Hive World, Silanus, Ilya grew up having never seen the sky. When she was old enough to hold a spanner, she was sent to work in the factories. Her childhood was spent assembling guns of all types for the God Emperor’s armies.

When you grow up in the factories, you either learn to move quickly and avoid distractions, or you learn to make do with only one arm. Ilya Learned this lesson from the fool who got himself caught in the waste disposal chute that shredded his arm up to the elbow. Her supervisor (the one with the wandering hands) learned a similar lesson when he was “accidentally” locked in a radiation chamber. The other lesson Ilya learned is that no one bothers to investigate work site accidents when there are millions of other laborers to fill the void.

As Ilya grew into a young woman, she figured the best course of action for her continued survival was to get out of the factories and find a safer line of work. No one who works in a factory lives long enough to retire. As soon as she had reached the conscription age, Ilya enlisted herself in the Planetary Defense Force. When she was growing up, soldiers always stood out among the crowd. They inspired respect, fear, no one could touch them lest they become the victims of the Emperor’s wrath. Of course, they were tasked with putting down riots and revolutions (of which there were many) but how often will a heretical rabble armed with slug throwers, and no armour to speak of, pose a real threat to an armoured platoon wielding the finest lasguns? Not to mention that in their off-duty hours PDF members always received the top shelf Amasec at the local canteens

Ilya, who had always been large for her age, now towered over the other cadets. At 2.1 meters, it was no surprise when she was chosen for duty. Ilya was trained in the use and maintenance of all manner of weapons, and developed a particular affinity for the Heavy Bolter. Ilya had found the thing she was truly good at, weeding out the disloyal and bringing them the death they deserved.

The day a platoon of the Adepta Sororitis came to Silanus is Ilya’s fondest memory. The Sisters of Battle were at once beautiful and terrible. They seemed to exude the light of the Emperor, and when the Sisters needed a guide, they chose her by name. What Ilya didn’t realize is that she was being tested.

They had discovered that the factory where Ilya once worked was secretly supplying weapons to Silanus’ rebels and heretics. It seemed suspicious that the PDF now had in its employ a woman who had herself built these weapons. It wasn’t until after Ilya and the sisters had purged everyone in the factory, that she learned she had been suspected of heresy. The sisters had now unanimously decided that Ilya’s devotion to weeding out heretics and her willingness to gun down her former co-workers in service of His will, were sufficient proof of her innocence.

As the Sisters were leaving, Ilya asked to be taken with them to join the order. The Sisters refused, stating that while her loyalty and prowess in battle were commendable, They typically only recruited from the Schola Progenium, but perhaps if she were to prove her value to the Cannonesses, she could be selected to serve in some capacity. If she could distinguish herself among the the Imperial Guard, Ilya could show that she was worthy to join an order.

Ilya enlisted the next day, and was shipped off to the Spineward front to join with the Silanus 502nd.

Ilya Raidonovich

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