Silanus 665th Infantry Regiment

Home World: Hive World

“The worlds of the Imperium are diverse indeed, and while broad categories exist, no two planets are more than superficially similar. This can pose a challenge when raising regiments. Each world has unique traditions and cultures that strongly influence its peoples, and in turn strongly influence the character of that world’s fighting forces. The nature of a world is a worthwhile matter to consider when raising regiments, for it will allow that world’s strength to be employed most effectively.”
–Extract from the Tactica Imperialis

The immense populations of hive worlds, and the often harsh conditions found upon them, make them valuable recruiting grounds for new regiments, and many hive worlds serve to manufacture vast quantities of commonly-used materiel, making it far simpler to equip regiments. As a result, a single muster from a hive world can produce potentially millions of Guardsmen, forming thousands or even tens of thousands of regiments within a relatively short span of time.
–Extract from the Tactica Imperialis

Characters from hive world regiments are one amongst many. Due to the colossal populations of hive worlds, musters from them tend to be large, sometimes numbering over a thousand regiments at a time, each of which may number as many as ten thousand men. In many areas of a hive world—not just the twisted depths of the underhive—murder, rioting, and gang warfare are rife. Constantly having to avoid (or take part in) such dangers turns the people into capable warriors and survivors, made nimble by the tangle of urban decay, wary by the dangers in the darkness, and gregarious by the mass of humanity that has always surrounded them. Due to the suitability of hive worlders as Imperial Guardsmen, and the sheer quantity of people on each hive world, there are a vast number of hive world regiments in the Imperial Guard at any one time.

Commanding Officer: Billious

“A warrior’s faith in his commander is his best armour and his strongest weapon.”

The regiment’s commander is ill-tempered and paranoid, eternally suspicious of betrayal, and watchful of enemies and allies alike. He regards vigilance as the greatest of virtues, and encourages suspicion and watchfulness amongst his men.

Regiment Type: Line Infantry

“It is the diversity of the Imperial Guard that is perhaps, its greatest strength, for with that diversity, there are few threats that cannot be met and overcome. No one element of the Imperial Guard can triumph alone, be it deadly artillery, mighty tanks, or brave infantry, but in proper combination, there is nought that cannot be crushed by the Hammer of the Emperor.”
–Extract from the Tactica Imperialis

The backbone of the Imperial Guard, line infantry form the bulk of every battle line, the core of every assault, and the heart of every defence. The humble, doughty, and loyal infantryman is the subject of countless propaganda picts and inspirational murals across the Imperium. They form the iconic image of the Imperial Guard for most Imperial citizens, and for good reason. It is a rare battlefield that is not graced by the presence of line infantry.

Training Doctrines

“Every regiment is essentially unique, and while all are of a carefully measured fighting strength and all are given a degree of uniformity by the Departmento Munitorum, there can be no argument against evaluating the strength of each regiment under one’s command, identifying their particular proficiencies to better employ them in battle. With diligent training, this strength can be heightened and focussed, turning it into a true asset.”
–Extract from the Tactica Imperialis

The regiment has trained long and hard to operate in close formations, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with their comrades. These close formations can respond quickly with overwhelming force, moving as a single entity, rather than a group of individuals.

The regiment’s warriors are vicious up close, deadly in melee as well as at range. Armed with the tools of their grim trade, they are not afraid to face their enemies in single combat, and feel the hot blood of the freshly-slain on their skin.

Favored Weapons:
Lasgun, Heavy Flamer

Add to standard kit:
Dress Uniform, 2 extra Frag Grenades, 1 Advanced Medikit

This is what the regiment looks like mechanically:

Characteristic Modifiers:

  • +3 to any two of the following Characteristics: Agility, Fellowship, and Perception.
  • Line Infantry :+3 Strength, -3 Intelligence
  • Hardened Fighters: +2 Weapon Skill


  • All hive world characters start with Common Lore (Imperium), Deceive, and Linguistics (Low Gothic).
  • Line Infantry: Athletics


  • Urban Violence: Hive worlders are constantly alert for the first hint of trouble, be it a hivequake, a gang shoot-out, or a hab riot, allowing them to quickly detect danger and elude it, if need be. Hive worlders start with one of the following Talents: Heightened Senses (Hearing), Paranoia, or Unremarkable.
  • Bilious: Paranoia
  • Line Infantry: Rapid Reload
  • Close Order Drill: Combat formation or Double Team
  • Hardened Fighters: Street Fighting

Accustomed to Crowds
Hive worlders grow up surrounded by crowds, and they are used to weaving through even the densest mobs with ease. Crowds do not count as Difficult Terrain for hive worlders, and when Running or Charging through a dense crowd, hive worlders take no penalty to Agility Tests to keep their feet.

Hive worlders seldom endure the horrors of the open sky or suffer the indignities of the great outdoors. Whilst outside of an enclosed or artificial environment (such as a hive city, starship or similar), they suffer a –10 penalty to all Survival Tests, due to their continued unfamiliarity with such places.

Starting Wounds

  • Hive world characters begin play with –1 starting Wound.

Addition to Standard Kit:
One M36 Lasgun, 4 Charge Packs
Imperial Guard Flak Armour
Two Frag Grenades
Two Krak Grenades
Replace Standard melee weapon with a Common (or more available) Low-Tech Weapon, or apply the mono upgrade to standard melee weapon

The universal standard kit items are
as follows:
• One uniform
• One set of poor weather gear
• One laspistol (Main Weapon), and two charge packs
• One knife
• One flak vest
• One rucksack or sling bag
• One set of basic tools
• One mess kit and one water canteen
• One blanket and one sleep bag
• One rechargeable lamp pack
• One grooming kit
• One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification
• One primer or instructional handbook
• Combat sustenance rations, two weeks’ supply


Silanus 665th Infantry Regiment

3rd Squad F Company Tidomann