Barad Colobert

F Company Sergeant


Barad Colobert lived among the nameless population of the Hive World Silanus. Able to avoid being sucked into the gang life, he worked inside the countless factories manufacturing nameless parts. Easy to get along with he managed to stay friendly with most people, and used this to stay under the radar of most gangs. Over time he watched part number after part number pass through his hands until everything became a blur. He began to a crave for something more, something beyond the constant conflict and harsh conditions of his homeworld. He saw an opportunity within the Imperial Armies and enlisted. By the time his basic training was completed reality had set in- his hopes of making it into a valkyrie’s cockpit were quickly dashed when he learned of the extensive training pilots needed to endure. He instead found himself enlisted in the 665th Regiment and quickly realized the life of a Guardsman may have been the drive he needed all along.

The life of a Guardsman wasn’t easy. Training had pushed him to his limits and tested his resolve and in the end he endured. Through it- his natural talent at interacting with others revealed true leadership qualities. He was placed into officer training, and felt he was finally fulfilling a greater purpose for himself and the Imperium.

It was in his first squad he fully began to understand the workings of the Imperial Guard. One could learn to fight, lead, and learn of combat inside out- but it was another concept to understand how an army and squad truly functioned. The hivers of Silanus tended to be aggressive, but always had a natural ability to work in a group. Men seemed to come from a mixture of gangers and workers. Getting them to work together, calming their natural distrust for others, and harnessing their ability to work together as a group was Barad’s ultimate goal. It helped that training tended to temper the mob mentality into organized infantry formations, but every soldier- every man provides their unique perspective on being a warrior of the Imperium- and Barad wanted to understand them all.

Barad had also learned that “Logistics”; the complex coordination of supplies, and people; was more a mess and tangle of bureaucracy. It was easier to get supplies, weapons and ammo on Silanus than it was through the administration of the Imperial Guard. Half your order was normally deemed unnecessary, and a quarter of it always arrived after you no longer needed it. On more than one occasion- Barad had to lead a squad with low rations and half full charge packs. “Make Due”- an unofficial motto of the regiment- was not good enough for the troops he lead. During one deployment onto a dusty- arid planet Barad’s squad endured a prolonged engagement filled with constant jamming in his squads heavy stubbers. The lubricant supplied by the guard worked just as good as chalk. Soon- over half the weapons fell to disrepair or constant battlefield jamming. Unable to hold their position, Colobert’s squad was unable to hold their position- leading to a strategic loss, and many casualties. Feeling as though he failed his squad- Barad decided he had to learn to work the system. Barad turned to bartering for custom weapon parts, cogs and sacred unguents for many of the worn and shotty heavy stubbers in his squad. Whether the squad received the parts- Colobert could not tell. Word of these dealings may have worked it’s way up the vox- and Colobert soon found himself reassigned.

Barad Colobert

3rd Squad F Company Tidomann